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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 17, 2013 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> i hear there is a nice face plant which i look forward to. also coming up we have pictures of massive crowds in st. peter's square for pope benedict doing his second to last weekly sunday morning window blessing before his retirement. coming up, the news we have this morning about the secret of conclave cardinals where a successor will be chosen. >> the guessing game is in full effect over who it will be. also this morning a rare sit-down with lebron james of the nba all-star game. you won't believe what his favorite tv show. i'm pet sure the answer will surprise you and a special message for our robin roberts. she will be here in just a few days rejoining us here at "gma." >> that is great and also i was very impressed he was willing to admit his favorite tv show. also the story of a heart transplant with a surprise romantic twist. we've been talking about this story behind the scenes for 24 hours now. we cannot wait to show it to you coming up but let's start this morning with the triple threat in the weather department, the map tells the whole story. we've got a storm heading to new
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england, another one coming out west and cold snap down south. ginger zee, our in-house action figure covering it all. >> i would really like ab action figure doll. can you find that? we want to start in detroit. on i-75 all parts of southeast manager package were a mess. lake-effect and some enhanced snow from a little upper air disturbance the either way look what happened. this happened in tloed dough, parts of pennsylvania too so it was not just in michigan but disasterous for the roads, charlotte, north carolina, fast's right, charlotte had three inches of snow. so it was a mess on their roadways too. that is that low pressure system that has now tracked over the ocean and will clip boston and the cape. it's been more than two years by the way since charlotte had that type of accumulating snow. from montauk and providence, hyannis, 6 to 9 inch range. boston, three to 6 inches a week after we had all the snow last weekend and if you don't have the snow you have the cold.
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it feels like 16 if philly this morning. 1, pittsburgh. detroit windchill is zero and freeze warnings and windchill warnings. i'll have so much more coming up on that storm in the west but for now back to bianna. >> freezing in florida, not something you see every day. thank you. we're hearing this morning from the families of both oscoscar pistorius and of his model girlfriend who pistorius is accused of killing on valentine's day. the olympian's family insists the shooting was a terrible accident. meantime, riva's father is also spreeing out with a somewhat surprising statement of sympathy. abc's bazi kanani has more from pretoria, south africa. >> reporter: for the first time the pistorius family comes forward to personally defend their world famous relative suddenly accused of murder. >> as you can imagine is also numb with shock and grief. >> reporter: oscar pistorius's
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friends and families believe he mistook his girlfriend telling "the sunday telegraph" when you are a sportsman you act mon on instinct. things happen and that's what you did. his best friend said he called him after the shooting to say there's been a terrible accident, i shot reeva. >> i can promise you with the knowledge i have he will come out right. >> reporter: prosecutors disagree he is not a murderer and say neighbors reported hearing an argument at the house just hours before the shooting and police sources told local media reeva was shot through the bathroom door where she may have been trying to hide to save herself. among her father's few comments to reporters. we ask the lord every day to help us find a reason this should happen to reeva, the memory of their daughter lives on on national tv where the
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reality show she recently taped premiered this weekend with a special tribute and telling last words. >> i think the way that you go off, must the way you go out, make your exit is so important, even made an impact in a positive or negative way but just maintaining secrecy and just always treat yourself. >> reporter: steenkamp's father expressed sympathy for pistorius saying there was to hatred in his heart. it will stay here until his bail hearing tuesday where we expect to learn pore de tays of the evidence police have been gathering. dan? >> striking comments from her father. thank you. now to an abc news exclusive, the mother who says her 2-year-old child was slapped by a fellow passenger on the flight facing a federal charge that could land him in prison and gio benitez is on the story. >> good morning, dan, bianna. mom says the man not only
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traumatized her adopted son with a painful smack but called the boy a name so many consider us deplorable. jonah is 19 months old but at the center of an fbi investigation. agents accusing this man, 60-year-old joe hundley, a stranger, of smacking the boy on a delta flight from minneapolis to atlanta. the boy's mother jessica bennett speaking exclusively to abc news. she showed us how she says hundley assaulted her child. >> well, he had his hand out like that and so it was, you know, it it came down that way at jonah's high item rear. >> reporter: it all allegedly started in row 28 of the plane. jessica and jonah had the aisle sit, hundley the wind. >> jonah starts crying feeling the pressure in his ears. >> reporter: that's when according to court documents hundley told mom to "shut that "n" word baby up. >> i said, what did you just say? and he was so drunk that he fell
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on to my face and his mouth moved over to my ear and he said it just directly into my ear. >> reporter: then she says the unthinkable happened. hundley hit little jonah. >> when i had looked at jonah's face, he had -- his eye was swollen here and it was bleeding. i was just scared to death. >> i wonder whether it was the crying that upset him or whether it was the color of the boy's skin that upset them. >> reporter: hundley is president of an aircraft parts company in idaho. he's been charged with assaulting a minor. his employer telling us we have suspended the employee pending investigation. this morning little jonah's dad has a message for hundley. >> i hope he's embarrassed, you know, i hope he feels ashamed. >> reporter: hundley's attorney told abc news nobody should rush to judgment just yet. he will plead not guilty but mom's attorney told us that among the witnesses on that flight was a federal air
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marshal. >> i don't know if i could be that restrained as a husband. we were talking about this for quite a while. incredible story. >> it really is but her father -- the child's father was actually not there on that flight and he said he is not sure he would be able to. >> gio, thank you very much. >> we'll turn now to politics as details of president obama's proposal for immigration reform have begun leaking out including a plan that could pave the way for citizenship. reena ninan joins us from the white house with that story. >> reporter: hi, bianna. the white house has been working on its own immigration reform bill but hasn't publicly reve revealed its details opting instead to allow congress to act first. it's a supposed white house plan for comprehensive immigration reform. republicans are already calling it dead on arrival.
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seriously flawed. "usa today" claims a leak draft proposal circulating throughout various departments would allow illegal immigrants to obtain green cards within eight years and calls for increased border patrol funding, and expanded e-verify system so businesses can check employees' legal status. republicans didn't hesitate to voice their discontent. marco rubio said "if actually proposed, the president's bill would be dead on arrival in congress sleeving us with unsecured borders 'and broken legal immigration system for years to come." the white house has not publicly released the language for the bill but the president had warned congress he's poised to act if they don't move quickly on immigration reform. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal. >> reporter: overnight the white house also rooshed this statement "the president has made clear the principles upon
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which he believes any commonsense immigration reform effort should be based. we continue to work in support of a bipartisan effort." the president with democratic senators here at the white house on wednesday. they're working on bipartisan legislation and they hope to have something to push forward in march. the president also telling univision going beyond that deadline would be a problem. bianna. >> i'll take it from here. will something actually get done on this issue? let's go to jon karl in washington filling if for stephanopoulos on "this week." hey, jon, given the unfriendly back and forth we heard from reena. any potential for compromise on the path to citizen zip? >> certainly is not a good sign, dan. there certainly is still potential for compromise. in fact, before this story broke thingsing looked really good on immigration. you had a bipartisan group in the senate, coming to agreement on a broad set of principles and sounding very positive and i'm getting something through but marco rubio is the path to immigration bill for this white
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house. and to have marco rubio coming out the way he did last night in response to this proposal and saying, it is seriously flawed dead on arrival in congress, major, major setback. the white house was doing this without any input from any republicans and they're really upset about it. they've got some damage control to do this morning. >> jon, the other battle over chuck hagel, the president's choice for defense second. republicans in the senate temporarily blocked his nomination. how rare is that and what does that say about the likelihood he'll get the job? >> well, it's extremely rare. i have to say this is one of the most bizarre episodes i have covered in congress because you had republicans blocking his nomination, blocking the vote on his nomination. but saying that when they come back from their recess next week, that they will no longer block it. so it looks like he will get through without any problem but whenever there's a delay there are questions raised. not a sure thing raising a question what they're trying to accomplish with a delay of a
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week or two ands that where it stands right now. >> indication of how partisan things are in washington right now. jon, thanks so much. great to see you. a couple of very big names on jon's show, republican congressman and former vice presidential candidate paul ryan and newly appointed white house chief of staff denis mcdonough coming up on "this week." to ron claiborne for a look at the other headlines. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with news about a new pope and when that pope may be chosen. the vatican hinting it maybegin the process earlier than expected. abc's david wright joins us from rome now where pope benedict is celebrating his second to last sunday as head of the roman catholic church. david? >> reporter: good morning, ron. the pope just finished his week liang lust and only one more time will he appear in that window, so a huge crowd gathered here at st. peter's square today but behind the scenes the focus has turned to choosing his successor. the vatican spokesman yesterday floating a trial balloon suggesting the conclave to
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choose a new pope could take place before march 15th. some say that's just common sense because there's no funeral this time, no period of mourning and all the cardinals will presumably be in town to say good-bye to pope benedict. but in other quarters of the church that trial balloon is being shot down faster than an old-school nun might wrap you on the knuckles. an influential american saying that this process takes place according to strict church law and only the pope can change that law. if this pope were to change the law now he says that would cause many people to say he's choosing one side or favoring one side over another. >> thank you for that. the recent surge in gas prices is showing no signs of slowing down. they have soared 1 crepes a gallon in the past week and 42 cents in the last month. national average is now 3.71 for a gallon of regular gasoline. the rise in price of oil is mainly to blame.
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gas prices typically don't begin rising like this until late in march. and firefighters in new jersey are honoring the victims of the sandy hook massacre and planning to build 26 playgrounds to memorialize each victim of the tragedy. the playgrounds located in the areas in new jersey, new york and connecticut. they were hit hardest by super storm sandy. the firefighters hope to raise $2 million for this project. and the final tally is in for florida's python hunt. only 68 burmese pythons were caught in the month-long competition after 1600 participants covered a million acres. the top hunter $1500 for bagging 18 snakes. official estimate as many as thousands are living there a threat to native mammals. hundreds lined up to see the newest attraction at seattle's woodland park zoo. these four african lion cubs made their public debut. the cubs were born in november
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but been ought of sight, out of review inside a maternity den. first litter born at the zoo since 1991. and with that we reached our cute animal quota for the month. >> they are cute. >> let me assure you, not true, there will be more coming up. >> you're right about that. >> thank you, ron. all right, well, lebron james is the biggest star having the season of his career in the nba. >> having a blast at thenba all-star weekend and sat down with john schriffen talking about everything from his favorite tv shows to a cause close to his heart. take a look. >> reporter: he's one of the most recognizable athletes on earth known on the court as king james. >> back to lebron. oh, my. >> reporter: but this morning lebron james is holding court opening up to us in a rare sit-down interview. what is something most people don't know about you in your private life? >> i wash cartoons even when my kids are at school. >> reporter: really. what's your favorite?
4:15 am
>> right now "sponge bob square pants." >> reporter: he won his first nba championship last year. when he's not playing, the father of two tells us he cherishes his role as a family man. you have two young boys. if you weren't in the room with them what would you say about you? >> they probably love their daddy and when he's going to get us another x box game. >> reporter: here in houston for tonight's nba all-star game he is spending his down time helping change the lives of other kids teaming up with sprite to renovate in boys and girls' gym. >> an opportunity for kids to have somewhere to treat themselves. i love, you know, the smiles on kids' faces. i love having an opportunity to inspire kids. >> reporter: if his big heart isn't enough, this small forward is also fashion forward. very stylish. we pull these out. what do you think of these? is this what works on me?
4:16 am
>> absolutely. absolutely. looks good. >> reporter: speaking of looking and feeling good, james had one final shoutout for our own robin roberts. >> no doubt, big party. maybe we need to bring you guys down to miami and have a party. i don't know if it's in the budget. >> reporter: now that sounds like a ball. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, houston. >> as a reminder t-minus three days to robin's return. huge day for us at abc news. let's check the weather with once again ginger zee. >> not just snow falling in new england but wind gusting to over 40 miles per hour in the cape, providence and up here blizzard warnings in far northeast maine but that storm out in the west that will change this significantly. yesterday santa barbara tied an all time record high for 79 for the day. today, 72 for los angeles, 57, san francisco. last day it'll be warm because watch this as sh storm slams into northern california, rushes across. mountain snows, rains and much colder air right behind. only with a look across the
4:17 am
nation but for now that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home. >> i've got some fresh snow pictures from towns in massachusetts. a beautiful backyard. who doesn't like to wake up to that. thanks, judy and the next one for dan, it's special. they said their kitty doesn't love the snow. >> yeah. >> hanging on for dear life. >> i'm about threatening to call the society for the protection of animals. >> really i think they're fine. they're loving their pet. >> all right, not only a daredevil but a veterinarian
4:18 am
professional. on "gma" we like a good medical story and partial to love stories. rarely, though, can we combine the two. >> at the center of this one is a 17-year-old who learned he needed a new heart. he could never imagine what else he would get along with that. life-saving gift. erik johnson of komo has the story. >> reporter: she likes to put her head to his chest and listen to his heartbeat. >> steady. >> reporter: aaron knows what he knows that this heartbeat can never be taken for granted because it is made possible a very special kind of love. >> i they hanever thought i couo in love with another person. >> i have no words to describe it. >> reporter: many at 17 he had been a star catcher being recruited by division 1 schools life changed in 2005 when they told him he needed a new heart.
4:19 am
if he didn't get one he would die. kellan roberts was a seattle kid, generous to a fault, a free spirit women cal and spontaneous drove his red truck all over the country, lived life on his terms. >> he traveled all over the world. he traveled the united states. he jammed in as much as he could and left a much better legacy for us. >> reporter: march 7th, 2005 on a trip to sioux falls, south dakota, kellan hit his head in a freak accident died far from home but not far from minneapolis. he was an organ donor. >> scared. we drive to the hospital and they were going to cut me open and take my heart. >> reporter: the transplant was a success, the engine of life had passed from one man to another. >> i just wish he could know how grateful i am. >> reporter: connor wanted, needed to know about kellan.
4:20 am
>> i was so grateful, but so -- you know, i'd give it back in a second. >> reporter: aaron more than anyone understands what's in connor's heart. erin you see was kellan's sister. >> it's priceless to know that a part of something you love so much can continue on and not just continue on in existence but be the life force for someone else. i don't know if there's any words to describe that. >> reporter: they say they fell in love almost immediately. >> instantly. >> i have a vividly in my head just looking over, feeling her mom hug me and just staring in her eyes. >> reporter: to some it's a strange love. but they had to give it a shot. when you are young and in love, you follow your heart. erik johnson, komo 4 news.
4:21 am
>> extraordinary. >> tears. >> incredible story and our thanks to komo for bringing it to us. coming up here on the broadcast we'll take a little bit of a left turn in the outrage of the latest "sports illustrated" swimsuit. not outrage over what they're wearing but who they're posing with. glide on. ginger is flying high in her latest adventure, this time soaring into the skies over colombia. coming up in "fixation" best moment in the slam dunk competition. deep it here. much more coming up. ♪ we love that basketball ♪ they're playing basketball [ lane ] do you ever feel like you're growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles
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♪ come fly with me let's fly, let's fly away ♪ ginger zee has in her contract that she will not do any story that does not require a major weather disaster or somehow risking her life. there she is paragliding in colombia and we'll show you the rest of her adventure which apparently got a little dicey at times coming up on "good morning america." good morning, everybody. >> good morning, i'm bianna golodryga. sunday, february 17th along with dan harris, ginger zee will be here if a few minutes to tell us about her adventure. coming up on the show, take
4:29 am
a look at these guys throwing snowballs at complete strangers or are they part of our "fixation" segment coming up. first coming you, spoefrs over the latest "sports illustrated" issue. they're known for scantily clad women in international locations but there's something else in this year's photos that's raising eyebrows. abc'stanya rivero is here with the story. >> reporter: certain pictures on their website especially from a site they did in namibia upsetting many speaking out. take a look at the pictures and you be the judge. with a white hot cover shot of kate upton. this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue made a buzz with news about photo shoots on all seven continents. in barely you there bikinis they're sharing air time with controversial videos that did not make it into the magazine. particularly these taken in
4:30 am
africa and this shot from china. some are cowing them at best culturally insensitive. >> for me the african picture was probably the most offensive because it played on some of the most old and stereotypical images. it showed the african as primitive. almost uncivilized. >> reporter: on the website jezebel deputy editor dodi stuart is also critical writing "using people of color as background or extra is as a popular fashion trope but although it's prevalent it's very distateful. people are not props." one of the models, emily talked about her shoot. didonato says -- >> it's completely different. >> reporter: some people we spoke with didn't see a problem with the photos. >> as a traveler myself i think i love seeing these places and seeing other cultures so i think it shows that in this magazine. >> reporter: proving once again
4:31 am
that controversy just like beauty is often in the eyes of the beholder. and "sports illustrated" gave abc news this statement saying "this year's edition went to all seven continents something no other publication has done to present the natural beauty of each setting and its people. we apologize to anyone who has taken exception to the way their culture was represented so did issue an apology. >> oftentimes controversy does not hurt in a situation like this. >> i'm sure they will still sell many magazines. >> over to ron claiborne on the news desk. can you top that? >> actually i cannot. dan and bianna, good morning, everyone. in the news the family of olympic hero oscar pistorius is copping to his defense. his uncle says pistorius is numb with shock and grief after killing his girlfriend. his family and legal team have been visiting him in jail this weekend. pope benedict made his first appearance in st. peter's square since announcing his impending resignation blessing the faithful from his window. the vatican it may speed up the process of sledging his successor.
4:32 am
a racing yacht has shattered the record for the fastest trip from new york to san francisco, california, the 13,000 mile journey around the tip of south america ended in san francisco on saturday after 47 days beating the old record by ten days as everybody knows. finally serena williams is playing in the final of the qatar open today and win or lose she will be back on top tomorrow at 31 years of age williams will become the oldest woman to be ranked number one in the world. time for weather enover to number one ranked meteorologist ginger zee. >> thanks, ron. some of the coldest air of the season settling into south florida this morning where our live shot comes to us. they're in the upper 40s here. hollywood beach is what you're seeing a really nice shot but slightly deceiving. oh, poor south florida. just so cold of here we are in the 20s up here in the northeast. let's look at the mild air. it will not last for that long. i know ron had a vested interest in this. orlando goes from 56 of a high today to 78 by tuesday, miami, you're getting close to 80 by tuesday so don't worry. it comes right back at you.
4:33 am
there is some blizzard action happening, though at least behind some warmer air up in the dakotas, parts of minnesota, through kansas city, 52. indianapolis is 31 and kind of a cute look at the presidents day forecast across the nation. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> this weather report has been brought to you by citibank. bianna? >> thank you, ginger. go nowhere. go nowhere because she's going to go flying after a quick break. coming up on "gma," ginger at it again. what has our resident daredevil gotten into now. >> one of the latest viral video of puppies dancing. the shake. ♪ ] mywere going on vacation,
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♪ i want to get away i want to fly away ♪ i love that she's smiling in the shot. ginger zee is not only a professional sky gazer, she's also always game to go flying.
4:38 am
this morning her latest adventure. >> the thing behind us there were 150 paragliders at times, the world cup of paragliding. it was a journey that i will never forget. one that i'd like you to join me for. ♪ >> reporter: this may be the only soccer stadium in the world where the cheers are not for the athletes on the field. but for those falling from the sky. ♪ this is the world cup of paragliding. thousands of feet above the colombian andes each bird-like wing has one of the top paragliders in the world dang dangling beneath and one has me. it does look familiar. you're right i did run off a mountain in mexico but back then i was a rookie. this time i get inside the world's fiercest paragliding competition. >> feel that?
4:39 am
>> yep. >> reporter: before we get there let's start this journey on terra firma. we're just leaving and the team was nice enough to give us a ride. at the top there is a final hike. some of the pilots lug their 50-pound packs then others get a little help. >> bianna, that's what we needed in mt. washington. around 90% of those competing are men so i wanted to embed with one of the top women from the states. >> women are very good pilots. we're graceful and we have a finesse to us and find it very beautiful and more like a dance than a sport. most people think we're crazy but our inner family is very tight. >> reporter: part of that tight family, my tandem pilot for the day, one of the best from the u.s. >> we're going to flown. >> reporter: have you flown in clom can by ya before? >> nope. that's our first voyage. >> both of our maiden voyage. >> reporter: the conditions with perfect. i'm just preparing and have to get ready with my tandem flier. to do that.
4:40 am
not that, but there was no time to worry, we need to get ready to launch. looking up. ready? >> reporter: once we're up, we don't just rocket into the sky, we have to find fuller fuel and that starts really close to the mountainside. within minutes other pilots start to swarm. to gain altitude we ride the thermal or pockets of heat billowing from the sun-soaked land beneath and we're touching the clouds, a meteorologist's dream. surrounded by 150 paragliders, this is called the launch gaggle kind of like the starting line of a marathon when everyone is stretching but here they're feeling out the air. and then the race begins. the bee hive of swirlers takes off to up 50 miles an hour and within minutes the once bustling sky is empty.
4:41 am
three hours later we catch up by bus with those that made it to the finish. this is their task goal and only about 50 or so will make it. among them, american star matt beechner. how was the flight. >> fabulous. >> a lot dropped out. >> when you land midcourse it can be a lot more of an adventure. yeah, a lot more. >> reporter: speaking of landing midcourse that's how our adventure ended hours earlier. our landing was awesome. but i wanted that big finish. so we flew and landed again. and this time we had a little cheering section of our own. >> colombia. >> reporter: not enough to join the winners but more than enough to want to do it again. i have to say congratulations to all the winners because i'm telling you this sport it's not easy of the i learned that. >> it doesn't look easy. >> italy won for men's and women's. aaron and nicole and i knew i
4:42 am
would mess that up and the nations winner, switzerland. >> wow. >> nice guys who gave you a ride. >> yeah. so isn't it scary when you have -- everybody so close together up there? >> that was the most frightening part this time. you have again 150 pilots all going around -- they all have to turn the same way, so that keeps you in the same direction but, boys, sometimes you have to make this noise. they do this cacoo, that's like their horn. >> you had a funny many noise too. >> whoo-hoo. >> our new battle crime. ola, colombia. >> glass you're back. talk about hi flying look at these moves, an nba slam dunk contest. one of our big fixations coming up. [ female announcer ] the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ >> it's time for "fixation" where we show you the craziest stuff we can find from around the internet. our crack research team including ron claiborne is all over the story. >> there you go. >> i'll start -- we've been following the harlem shake craze where everybody does our own shake. know what i'm talking about. latest entry from a puppy. check out the puppy. this is chaos. ♪ there we go. oh. top that, ron claiborne. top that. >> more cute animals of the you're right. i will top that with the nba all-star dunk contest. we have some unbelievable as dan likes to say entries here. check that out. it's incredible. incredible. that was terrence ross who actually won from the raptors, the contest. so many other contest apartments, kenneth fatherried
4:48 am
and james white all making unbelievable dunks. i used to be able to do that when i was younger. >> really? >> really. not quite like that. i could dunk. >> that's something -- they make it look so easy. that's the magic. >> has to be about 6'7". >> yeah, that does help a little bit. from basketball, to balloons and to another dog actually. here's my "fixation" of the week, sponge is very fixated on this little red balloons out in the snow. watch him go. look at that. go and go. >> how long? >> guess what's going to happen? >> for a while. i think, ginger, you -- >> and kills it. any dog wearing a bandanna is going to be a nice one. >> mine has a balloon in it too. not what you're thinking. two guys pretending to throw a large snowball at people and their reaction when they figure
4:49 am
out it's a balloon very funny. is that a cop? >> yeah. >> look, look at her. i like that. >> yeah. a nonsnowball. >> i bet people didn't think that. >> in new york city? >> the time where they got -- >> i want to see uncle ron do that dunk. >> i used to be able to dunk like that. >> i believe you could still do it. >> lower the basket i could do it. we'll be right back with more "gma." ron will be dunking for us. wears off. been there. tried that. ladybug body milk? no thanks. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin. it's so powerful you can skip a day... but light enough you won't want to. dermatologist recommended eucerin.
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no matter where you are, what you're going to do make sure to watch "gma" on wednesday, three day, robin roberts is back here, so excited about that. ron's got -- >> i'm going to dunk on ginger zee. >> oh. >> nice. >> he still got it. >> all right. thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! much more later on "this week with george stephanopoulos."
4:55 am
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this, is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, february 17th. let's get things started with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. from our roof cam we are starting out with partly cloudy conditions. it is cool, though. numbers have dropped into the upper 30s in parts of our valleys. but the rest of the day we are do have a nice looking afternoon.
4:59 am
in fact as we go through the morning you will notice the numbers are going to be in the 30s to the 40s and by the afternoon numbers from the upper 50s to the 60s. looking pretty good out there. the evening hours more low clouds and fog move back into the picture. we are talking cooler conditions tonight. in fact tomorrow will be the coolest day of the weekend for president's day. we are going to keep it dry. but the trend continues for cooler weather and we are going to talk about rain moving back into the picture if you head on back to work tuesday. i will have a look at that in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. golden gate ferry business resumes normal operations this morning after a collision with a small boat yesterday near tiburon left two boaters hospitalized." one of them had life-threatening sturgis after their boat collided with a ferry running from sausalito to san francisco. a surgeon and nurse that happened to be on the ferry jumped on to the boat


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